Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lucas Scott Pyper

Hi everyone, from Kara, Ben and LUCAS!! That's right (I hope that you all already know this, but sorry if you don't) Lucas Scott Pyper is here, well he's been here for a little over 7 weeks now =) He came August 25th, 2009 at 3:44 pm. He was 6 lbs and 2 oz and 18 in tall. He was just a little guy but he's making up for the lost time just fine outside of the womb. He's a great baby, likes to eat a lot through out the night, but still just really good. I am doing pretty good. Labor was the easiest part of the last 7 and some weeks of my life. That may sound weird but it's totally true. I went into the hospital that morning around 8:30 am, only after trying to convince myself that this was not real labor. Sure enough it was and I was at a 4!!! So they checked me in around 9:00am. Around that time both Ben and my mom rushed to the nearest airport in hopes to make it for the big moment. And one of my really good girlfriends, Megan, was able to come to the hospital and be with me throughout the day (so don't worry, I wasn't totally by myself) My mom, coming from California, made it about 5 minutes before they had me start pushing. Ben on the other hand was coming from Boston (that's right, pretty close to as fare away as he could possibly be) did not make it. Luckily he had a lay over in Chicago for an hour, which was the exact time Lucas came. WEll, kind of. The Dr. helped him out by using the forceps so that Ben could be on the phone to hear the first cry. Our Dr. gave us the choice to use the forceps so Ben could hear the first cry or I not use them and Ben would be flying somewhere over Ohio when it happened, Ben quickly said "use those forceps things". And I'm not kidding you it seemed like 10 min and 5 pushes later I had a baby. It was sad not having Ben physically there and defiantly not how we wanted it to be but both of us were very at peace about the situation, I as very grateful for the comfort we both felt. My mom was able to stay until the next Wed. (thanks Jenny for the extra day) to help, which was amazing (man that first week of recovery is ruff to say the least). As of right now, I'm feeling tired all the time but am doing great. During the week, while Ben was gone I stayed with my friend Megan (which was the best!) and visited Ben's parents a lot with Lucas so they can get their fill of him be fore we moved.

Also, we're moving to Seattle!! Ben got stationed there for his new job. We're both really excited! I'm so grateful to be by Magan. She's already found us places to live that are close to her. Also she's done research through everyone she knows to make sure we don't end up living in crappy, farther away cities :) Ben will still be traveling 8 days out of a month, it just makes me feel so relieved that she's up there and I'll be able to have some help and hopefully give some help as well. We are for sure going to miss Utah, we've loved being close to both of our families. Other exciting news, I'm home in Merced to stay for a couple months before going up to Washington. I'm so happy to be home so that some of the rest of the family can get to know this sweet little boy.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I was inspired by my mom and dad...

Look Mom, it's the first day of school Arches!
Delicate Arch

Ben being very dainty with is foot up.

Prom pose to show the belly off.

So I've been meaning to update this thing for over a year now and just found the motivation to do parents blog!!! If they can do it, so can I. Just to catch you all up in our lives, I'm 26 weeks pregnant and we're having and little boy! Ben graduated in April from BYU and is working at Wells Fargo and is interviewing for for other jobs. We went to Moab last weekend with some friends. We hiked around Arches and Canyonland. It was a lot of fun! The fact that trips by ourselves or just in general are going to become a lot harder in the near future has motivated us to get out and see some thing. We're counting down the days until our family reuion the last week of this month. So excited!

Monday, September 1, 2008


We finally broke down and made a blog. Now we just actually need to learn how to use...